So there’s this cool group at North Carolina State University formed BY THE STUDENTS to make a nail polish that detects date rape drugs in drinks. It’s supposed to change color when exposed to date rape drugs but here’s the thing: they need donations to actually get this shit done

Look here. This is their donate page. You don’t even have to donate just spread the word. Every bit of money counts and the more put into this research, the better tomorrow we can have. 

Wanna know the coolest thing about the nail polish? Like the absolute coolest? It’s actually clear to start off with. That means you have absolutely to worry about whether or not it matches your outfit. The only time it changes is when exposed to date rape drugs. You can be on a normal date and know that shit’s up because your nails will change color.

But hey, not into nail polish? That’s rad. That’s cool. Here’s another thing for you.

It’s called the or personal drink id. It’s this pretty cool thing you can carry around with you. It’s battery-operated and, when submerged in the drink, can tell whether or not your drink has been drugged. And, in some cases, can tell you the exact drug.

This device has an indiegogo page going on, but the thing is that the creators have two weeks to meet their goal. To learn more about the or to donate to help them reach their goal of $50,000 in the two weeks remaining (they have 53% left to earn), go here.

Seriously, guys. These things can help save lives and the thing is that they’re so discrete and portable. Even if you don’t want to donate or don’t want to check it out… at least spread the word.

and usually life takes more than it gives, but not today. today it’s given us something. it’s given us a chance. to do what? to give a shit. for once. and not run away.




How I imagine it went down

  1. C.S. Lewis: I made you a character in my book!
  2. J.R.R. Tolkien: OMG me too!
  3. Lewis: You're the man who created the wardrobe that leads to Narnia!
  4. Tolkien: ...
  5. Lewis: Who am I?
  6. Tolkien: A tree
  7. Lewis: ............
  8. Tolkien: But, like, a cool tree