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i just got off a very long hiatus so if you dont remember me thats okay

my best friend and boyfriend is this cutiepatootie

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I’m going to make this blog inactive.

It’s too much of a chore to maintain it and every time I do try to maintain it I just get really superficial because of my follower count and I get unreasonably upset when I lose followers. Honestly it makes me feel like a terrible person and since I can never find the time to update my tumblr in the first place, I decided the best choice would be to let it go inactive. I will not be getting a blogsitter nor will I be filling a long-term queue. I have some friends who might be interested in taking over my blog since I won’t be using it anymore, so it might not be inactive forever - however, any new user will not be me unless I decide to come back.

If you have questions or wish to stay in contact, send me an ask or a message. I’ll be checking my inbox here for the next few weeks to give out contact details and answer any questions anyone might have! I’d love to stay in contact with you guys so if you want to add me on skype or facebook or get my phone number, all you have to do is ask!


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Bloody Sammy 26/?


Bloody Sammy 26/?


we run the show nowgraphic request for condemnedcas; ↳prompt - leviathan!cas


we run the show now

graphic request for condemnedcas;
↳prompt - leviathan!cas

my hamster was hungry

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Team Free Will + Flowers

Castiel: Alstroemeria ➝ Loyalty
Sam: Canary Grass ➝ Perseverance
Dean: Rudbeckia   Justice




that pose when he got scared tho 

It’s like his AUTOMTIC response was to posture. Misha, you’ve been playing Cas for FAR too long. not long enough





Team Free Will